Helena Pinillos

Valverde- Packaging limited Edition

Valverde- Packaging

The Valverde water rises from the rock in Valsesia , at the foot of Monte Rosa , in a natural and unspoiled .

 Valverde is considered one of the most delicate water in world



The demand is the creation of a graphic concept for a set of 6 bottles of water 250ml , three natural and three sparkling.

The purpose of the project is to get a graphic that enhances the brandIt is also to communicate the proximity of

Valverde in the world of design , fashion, art and haute cuisine

1° Proposal

The concept is based on the representation of purity through the water

2° Proposal

The sinuous lines creating the shapes of sky and sea in a graphic minimal , representing the purity of the elements

( Air and Water| Bird & Jellyfish )